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All in a Name


The Lilac Row is a third generation family farm located in Southern Alberta. Our name comes from the long lilac hedge that was planted by our Grandparents, Mother, and Uncle when the farm was first built in 1965. Our flower farm, in both name and history, is a continuation of a multi-generational love of all things that bloom and grow.



Our Values

We come from a proud farming family and as the next generation we are trying to find new ways to engage with agriculture. What we landed on was a sustainable, accessible way for us to spread our love of all things floral while lessening the environmental impact of the bouquet on your table. By supporting us you support flowers grown slowly, harvested during their natural blooming time in Southern Alberta. 


Why We Are Different

Our prices reflect the love and care that goes into each bloom. So, why would you pay more when you can go to your nearest grocery store and buy a bouquet there? 

The bouquets from The Lilac Row directly support local families and represent a shift in sustainably grown and produced flowers. We support the movement away from large scale, mass produced bouquets toward small scale, local agriculture that gives back to the community. We hope that you will help us support local business, garden to vase.

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